Friday, March 2, 2012

Yesterday's presentation at CCCCC

The five C's are for the Creation Care Coalition of Centre County.  Yesterday I gave a presentation at their meeting at St Andrew's Church in State College called "Stewardship, Spirituality and Justice: My Journey with GreenFaith."

I talked some about my own background and sense of calling, and about the structure of the GreenFaith fellowship program.  The three headings correspond to the three focus areas in GreenFaith's mission statement.   In each area I tried to say a little about my personal journey and how GreenFaith is helping my learn more and do more.

As a theme quote for the whole talk, I took something from Moltmann's God in Creation: "What we call the environmental crisis is not merely a crisis in the natural environment of human beings. It is nothing less than a crisis in human beings themselves." (Using this quote was a bit of a cheat really - it is from the preface to a book that I have only just started reading - but the book looks as though it will be fascinating and the quotation really resonated with the theme of the talk.)

I am happy that GF has helped me start to find a "public voice" on faith and creation care... one of the encouraging aspects of the program has been the priority given to understanding one's own personal story as a component of that "public voice".  Certainly the parts of yesterday's presentation which were most personal to me seemed, paradoxically, to be also those which resonated effectively with others.

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