Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Father's World

This is a short feature (26 minutes) from Northland Church in Florida about the biblical call to care for creation.

Quoting from the accompanying press release:
Produced by the Creation Care Team at Northland, A Church Distributed, “Our Father’s
World” is a 27 minute documentary outlining the role that Christians should play in
environmentalism. The film features interviews with noted evangelical leaders and scholars, including Bill and Lynne Hybels, Tony Campolo, James Merritt and Mark Liederbach. The insightful commentary helps viewers connect the ecological dots—from spiritual calling to modern living and how it all ultimately impacts “the least of these.”

Raymond Randall, leader of Northland’s Creation Care Team, explains: “Many Christians still see environmental stewardship as a political issue, rather than seeing it as a biblical issue. Scripture clearly teaches us to be good stewards of our finances, time, talents and relationships, and the church is beginning to realize there is another form of stewardship that we have neglected to embrace.”
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