Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alex Honnold Advocates For Clean Energy

"So you're a climber, huh?"
"I saw this video the other day, about this one crazy kid..."
Uh huh.
"Know who I'm talking about?"
I know.
I met Alex Honnold once, in 2009, when my partner and I were heading down after the West Face route on Yosemite's Leaning Tower and he was on his way up there to attempt some free-climbing project of his own.   At that time most Yosemite climbers knew about him, but he was not the media figure he has since become: the public face of climbing, and, at least according to some, the greatest athlete, in any sport, that our world currently knows.

Now Alex has apparently decided it is time to use his fame to enlist support for a bigger cause, and the cause he has chosen is "clean, accessible energy".  The website of the Honnold Foundation ( says "The Honnold Foundation seeks to improve lives world-wide by offering grants to organizations that make a positive difference in the world", and it lists three such projects for current support:
  • SolarAid helps families in Africa’s remotest off-grid regions afford food, education and a brighter future by distributing small solar lamps that end dependency on costly, toxic kerosene.
  • GRID Alternatives is a non-profit organization that brings the benefits of solar technology to low-income communities using a barn-raising model.
  • New Dream seeks to cultivate a new American dream—one that emphasizes community, ecological sustainability, and a celebration of non-material values.
What a great collection of projects.  The Foundation's website seems pretty new, as yet, so it doesn't have any "how can I help" or "donate here" stuff.  It will  be interesting to see how this develops.

PS: Since, as well as environmentalism and sometimes climbing, this blog also explores questions of faith, I should note that Alex is apparently a devout atheist

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