Sunday, March 13, 2016

Memories III: Renaissance Faire

SCAHS Ren Faire 2011
For many years our house was full of sewing.  Miriam - and later Eli - loved to create clothing: fashionable apparel like Pokemon-inspired prom dresses, zany insect costumes, work for the theater department at Penn State and even for a London staging of The Lion King.  Her greatest joy, though, was to create garb for the high school Renaissance Faire, and to help other participants to create their own garb too.

Eli at Ren Faire 2014
Ren Faire spoke to many aspects of Miriam's character: creativity, humor, improvisation, mentoring skills, love of history. She told me more than once that she found more freedom and opportunity to express her real self in Faire than almost anywhere else in her school career.   Friends from Faire were a close and supportive community, and it was good and appropriate to see several of them in Renaissance garb at the memorial service. Thank you!

Jester garb
The next Ren Faire at the high school is on May 22, 2016.

Detail of Renaissance doublet

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