Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Memories VII: Emily's Adventures

Miriam wrote a book of three short stories when she was in second grade. (The book won a competition and you can find it in Schlow Memorial Library in State College). The stories are about Emily, "a wacky third grader who lives with her mother and father and her baby brother George.  Her cat Kelly is mostly bad-tempered and scratches a lot."    Here's the first one: Emily Goes to the Moon.  I think it shows her love of wordplay and self-deprecating humor from an early age...

One day, Emily’s mother was baking chocolate chip cookies.  Emily was reading a book about outer space.  “Mom, do you think I can go to outer space some day soon?” asked Emily.  “No, I don’t” said her mother.  “Do you think I could build a rocket ship then?” asked Emily.  Mother said “You could build one out of cardboard that wouldn’t . . .”, but she didn’t get to finish.

Emily was already upstairs gluing cardboard together. When her rocket ship was built, Emily cut a hole for a window right about where her eyes would be. She put clear red plastic over the window. Emily brought the finished rocket ship outside. She loaded it with pillows, a blanket, five filled water pistols and her toy rabbit, Lucy. “Get ready for take off!” yelled Emily. 

Just then a red cat appeared in the window.  “Martians!” cried Emily, grabbing her water pistol.  She rushed outside the rocket ship.  Splash!  The water hit Kelly the cat.  Kelly jumped up and scratched Emily, then ran away.  “I’m never going to the moon again!” said Emily as she got out the first aid kit.

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