Monday, May 16, 2016

Wine That Makes Us Stagger

In Psalm 60, the writer has a complaint to make to God.  Trouble has been piled upon trouble.  You have made your people see hard things, says verse 3; you have given us wine to drink that makes us stagger.  We're reeling!

In a recent post I tried to sum up some of the themes of Points of Inflection; the faith-based concern for the earth; the math and the climbing; the sound of lamentation, most recently and personally in the loss of our dear child; cancer as a metaphor, and my own cancer struggles in 2014.  When I wrote that post, our cup of trouble was full.  Since then it has been overflowed by further news, the wine that makes us stagger; my cancer has returned in a different part of the body, and we are facing an uncertain future.

I wanted to mention this on Points of Inflection once, but I am not this time going to be blogging regularly about my personal health news here.  Instead, I have established a private web site at Caring Bridge which you're welcome to visit for updates. The address is

and you need to establish an account at Caring Bridge to log in and view news updates.   Meanwhile, I will continue posting here on the regular subjects of this blog.  I think it will be helpful to keep health news separated.

Right now Liane and I are on vacation and enjoying time together in California.  If you're the praying kind (actually, even if you're not) we value your prayers for us.

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Diane Thomas said...

Don't know what to say, but am praying for you and your family.