Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I won an award!

This showed up in my e-mail yesterday:

"Dear Dr Roe,
Congratulations! The Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium (PERC) has awarded you the title of Campus Sustainability Champion for 2016. You were nominated by one or more of your colleagues for your work to advance sustainability on your campus or in your community. The Campus Sustainability Champion title is awarded annually to students, faculty, administrators, and staff of Pennsylvania colleges and universities who have made meaningful contributions benefiting social, economic and/or environmental sustainability on their campus, in their community, or in society at large. Contributions can be in areas of teaching, research, co-curricular programs, campus culture, community service, and campus operations, including food recovery. Your award reinforces your credentials as a leader in the transition to a sustainable future"

Well, I'm embarrassed to admit that I had not heard of PERC, but I am excited that they had heard of me, and I will turn up to the awards ceremony in a couple of weeks primed to tell more people about the Mathematics for Sustainability course and book.  I'm also going to be sending off the book proposal to three publishers this week.  Regular readers will know the sense of vocation that I have about this project.  Yet  with my illness and the frequent sense of exhaustion that it (and the treatments) produce, writing is going a good bit more slowly than I had hoped.  I am excited by the recognition and the sense that others see what a meaningful thing it is too - and also motivated once again to keep going and produce something that is readable, challenging and clear.

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