Thursday, September 29, 2011

Harvest Fields Common Garden

There are many in our church community who are pursuing a vision for creation care. As part of my GreenFaith work I want to learn about what they're doing, and maybe I can help linking some of them together.

Yesterday I visited the Harvest Fields Common Garden.  Take a look at some of what they are up to:

  • growing produce to share with supporters and with the community through the State College Food Bank;
  • engaging young people, families, kids, community organizations like YMCA to learn the rhythm of food production and the skills to work the land;
  • celebrating God's gift through creation;
  • sharing labor, sharing wisdom, sharing the harvest.
Matthew, one of the leaders of the garden project, told me how excited some of the kids get as they first pull carrots from the ground. They're getting connected to where food really comes from: the mysterious earth of Mark 4:27-28, which "produces by itself, we know not how".

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