Friday, January 27, 2012

Wireless Fusion Power Transmission

Nice lecture title! for anyone on the Penn State campus today:

Speaker: Peter McCullough

Title: "Reliable and Affordable Wireless Delivery of Fusion Power to your Home: why I have Solar Panels and you will too."

When & Where: 4pm on Friday, January 27th in 538 Davey Lab

Abstract: In this presentation Dr. Peter R. McCullough describes his experiences with professionally-installed solar photovoltaic panels on his home. He quantifies how they are both affordable and reliable.  He projects how similar experiences across the USA and the world have the power, both electrical and motivational, to mitigate some of the risks to you, our nation, and humankind associated with the revolution from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy.

Bio: Dr. Peter R. McCullough is an employee of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore MD. He is an astronomer with expertise in detectors, instruments, and planets orbiting other stars.
He has led international teams in the discovery of extrasolar planets  and their characterization with space telescopes such as Hubble and Spitzer. He is a husband and father of two children.

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John Roe said...

So, I went to this event. Dr McCullough spoke about his own home solar installation and about the economic and moral case for renewable energy. Not just the content but the nature of the talk was interesting to me: after becoming convinced a few years back that, as a scientist and a citizen, he had a duty to act and speak out on this issue, Dr McCullough decided that whenever he visits another institution to give a regular academic talk he will also offer to make this presentation about renewable energy. An interesting model for an academic like me who is also beginning to feel this "call to action".