Friday, April 20, 2012

Waiting in Line at the Library

I wrote this a while ago (obviously in pre-Kindle days!), but I'm posting it again in honor of the reopening of Webster's Bookstore and Cafe in State College...

They’re waiting in line at the library
At Webster's they’re wondering why
All the boxes of books now attract loving looks
And sell like ice cream in July

Jane Austen’s adored in Altoona
The Brontes are big in Bellefonte
And in Centre Hall they are nuts for Naipaul
And they all love Leroux in Lemont

The provost is publishing poetry
The dean has a novel to write
New shelves line the walls of each room in East Halls
And bookstores stay open all night

To read, you don't need electronics
No battery, keyboard or screen
That's why TV execs get paid six-figure checks
To make sure this is only a dream.
Image source: Webster's Bookstore and Cafe, facebook page

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