Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How Climate Change Denial Is - and Isn't - Like Creationism

Here's an interesting video interview with Katharine Hayhoe. She is an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech and the author, with her husband, of the book "A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions".(Her name also came up in this year's Republican primary campaign, when Newt Gingrich thought it politic to remove a chapter that she had written for his forthcoming book Environmental Entrepreneurs.)

In this video she is talking about the connections between creationism and climate science denial.  (I shared some thoughts about this in an earlier post.)  One LOL quote: "To talk about human-caused climate change we only have to agree that the world is at least three hundred years old."  She also talks quite a bit about the upside and downside risks of climate change action (i.e. what if we take action and it isn't needed, vs. what if we don't and it is?)  Or, as this cartoon puts it....

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